Complete & Partial Dentures treatment in panchkula

Extraction of teeth, however last resort, is sometimes necessary in situations like old age, malnutrition, disease, and deficient care or even accidents. In such situations, dentures prove to be quick & noninvasive solutions to restore the perfect smile, function & confidence. Dentures, commonly referred to as “false teeth”, are a set of artificial teeth that are made to replace all or some of the missing teeth of the top or bottom jaw (sometimes both). They are generally made from variety of highly stable & biocompatible acrylic resins or combination of acrylic & metal. They are non-invasive, repairable, modifiable and adjustable according to need, preferences & situation depending on changes in your jaws over the years.

Cavity Protection or Preventive Dentistry includes:

  • Counselling about good oral hygiene and healthy eating habits
  • Enhanced Smile & Esthetics: We recreate a gorgeous smile for you which further impacts your facial profile resulting in an even more appealing and attractive outlook.
  • Anti-cavity preventive treatment: Prevention is always better than cure
    • Fluoride Treatment: This is a simple treatment that slows down and prevents tooth decay in children by heavy remineralisation of the enamel surface making it effective against subsequent acid attacks. DentXperts provides excellent and long lasting Fluoride treatment and is one of the leading providers of anti cavity options.
  • Dental Sealants: Seal off the cavity prone areas for added protection
  • Low Radiation X-rays: (Low radiation diagnosis LINK)

Dentures’ Key Advantages

Enhancing Aesthetics: Dentures enhance esthetics / appearance by filling in the space of your original teeth providing a symmetrical and pleasing smile. Further, they prevent distortion of your face shape resulting from drooping or unsupported facial muscles and hence, inculcating a younger look on your face.

Restoring Functionality: Dentures assist in carrying out day to day functions normally like chewing, smiling, speaking etc. They also provide stability and balance to jaw joints prolonging their functioning capacity and health.

Affordable: Dentures are very pocket friendly in comparison to other rehabilitation treatments. They normally serve you anywhere between half decade to few decades depending on your maintenance, care & regular checkups.

Variety of options: Thanks to advancing technologies & materials, dentures give you a wide range of options & varieties to choose from according to situation and requirements. You can even get spare / extra dentures made for backup, emergencies or separate party wears!

What to Expect?

  • Consciousness: You may feel conscious in beginning as depending on the person, it will take several days or weeks before you get accustomed to the new dentures.
  • New Smile: They are designed to resemble your original teeth and will not alter your appearance. On the contrary, if at all, they may cause an improvement in your smile & esthetics to a small degree.
  • Eating Practice: Eating with dentures is a practice that you gain with time. Start with small bites & pieces of food and don’t chew hastily. Give it time and it gets easier over time.
  • Increased saliva: When starting new dentures, increased saliva is a natural response of the salivary glands. It will be back to normal after a few days. In the meantime, swallowing more often will helps to get used to it.
  • Speech: Pronunciation of certain words may be difficult in some cases as an adjustment phase to the new dentures usually not more than two weeks. Few simple exercises like reading out loud and repeating troublesome words helps in speeding up the process.
  • Sore spots: Minor irritation caused by surface irregularities or pressure spots on the denture-bearing areas are quite common. However, seek dentist consultation if the discomfort is persistent or if the irritation becomes very painful.

Denture Alternatives

Nowadays, dentures as rehabilitation option are taking backseat next to “Dental Implants”. The biggest advantages of dental implants are that they feel much closer to your real teeth, help maintain the functionality of bone and surrounding tissues & are not required to be removed at night unlike dentures. However, dental implants aren’t really suitable for every situation, medically and anatomically speaking and they can often be expensive making dentures a good viable option.

Implant supported dentures [link] are also a very popular choice of treatment providing advantages of both implants & dentures in selected cases.

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