Invisible way to straighten your teeth with Clear Aligners

Aligners are an almost invisible straightening treatment for teeth consisting of series of clear, removable alignment teeth trays (aligners). These are sequential trays changed every appointment with the next set to get desired result without the pain and inconvenience of wires and brackets.

Each aligner is comfortable tray manufactured & customized individually for your teeth depending on the treatment plan devised by specialists. Step by step, week by week movement of teeth occurs as each aligner is replaced until final position is achieved as prescribed by your dentist.

It is a perfect treatment option for you if you have been delaying correction of wrongly aligned teeth due to fear of wires & brackets or if you are concerned about metallic look with braces or public speaking etc.

Key Advantages of Orthodontic Correction with Aligners

  • Simple, Convenient & Comfortable: Aligners can correct minor alignment problems in teeth in a predictable, comfortable and safe manner.
  • Virtually invisible aligners: They are virtually and practically invisible, hence a preferred choice in adults.
  • Enjoy all types of food: Food restriction is practically nil unlike braces.
  • Removable and easy to clean: Oral hygiene cleaning and maintenance is very easy with removable aligners.
  • Improvement in Oral hygiene: If teeth are not aligned properly, food pockets tend to form in crowded areas leading to difficulty in maintaining oral hygiene. This is easily corrected by orthodontic correction and regular brushing habits.
  • Healthy oral tissues: Orthodontic treatment leads to better and healthy oral tissues by alleviating all teeth and gum related alignment problems.
  • Balanced jaw function: With correct alignment of teeth, function of jaws in also improved leading to better efficiency and life of jaws.
  • Smile design with natural teeth: The biggest advantage with orthodontic correction is achieving the smile design and improvement with minimal artificial crowns or veneers unlike other modalities which involve invasive crown preparations and prosthetic work.
Clear Aligners: A New Fashion Statement That Looks Like Acrylics

What to Expect?

  • Positive Correction of teeth function: A perfect smile best suited to you can be achieved with correction of alignment problems leading to improvement in esthetics and functioning.
  • Lifestyle changes: Some minor adjustments and lifestyle changes are required in first few days. You may need to eat foods that are soft to prevent breaking of brackets or leaving stains on your teeth. Cleaning of teeth would require additional minute in your daily schedule especially in early phase.
  • Mild initial discomfort during adjusting phase: As mouth and oral tissues are very sensitive, it usually takes few days to get used to new braces. Eating soft foods and taking few simple precautions helps in preventing initial discomfort or irritation to teeth or gums till one gets used to the braces.
  • Natural, Stable & Optimal results: Orthodontic correction being precise, customized & planned treatment, results are stable and effective. Further, it involves aligning the natural teeth and minimal use of artificial prosthetic work, thus making maintenance in long run easy and long lasting.

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