Best Cavity Protection Treatments for kids

Kids Dentistry at DentXperts (Vashishth Dental Practice) is one of the best in class Dental Clinics of Panchkula.

Dental Health of your child is an important part of overall health. Neglected, undiagnosed or untreated oral health conditions can cause pain and discomfort that interferes with a child’s day to day activities. Often they tend not to eat, play, sleep and function at home or school making it critical for children to access regular dental care in a timely manner.

Cavity Protection or Preventive Treatment is first step in assessing the risk factor or caries occurrence so as to prevent their teeth from dental disease like cavities, abscess, pain etc.

At DentXperts, Dr Rahul Vashishth and his team of specialists firmly believe prevention is much more effective than intervention especially for kids. They make it their top priority to create a fun and healthy environment for kids so that they are happy are comfortable to get their teeth checked up. The idea is to teach and make them aware about healthy habits and maintaining good oral health. Vashishth Dental Practice provides unique combination of skills, compassion, care and understanding for our smallest patients, including new born & infants who require delicate and complex oral care.

Please refer to Kids Dentistry page in Services for details about other Dental Treatment options for Child

Cavity Protection or Preventive Dentistry includes:

  • Counselling about good oral hygiene and healthy eating habits
  • Anti-cavity preventive treatment: Prevention is always better than cure
    • Fluoride Treatment: This is a simple treatment that slows down and prevents tooth decay in children by heavy remineralisation of the enamel surface making it effective against subsequent acid attacks. DentXperts provides excellent and long lasting Fluoride treatment and is one of the leading providers of anti cavity options.
  • Dental Sealants: Seal off the cavity prone areas for added protection
  • Low Radiation X-rays: (Low radiation diagnosis LINK)
Sports Guards: Protection for child’s teeth against sports injuries

Emergency Treatment: All kind of emergency treatments are done by specialist doctors at DentXperts keeping child’s comfort and condition in mind

Healthy Smiles Kids Club: We encourage children to join the Healthy Smiles Kids Club ained solely for them to interact and motivate each other to brush and maintain oral hygiene. The interaction is such a positive reinforcement to inculcate good habits in a friendly atmosphere.

What to Expect?

  • Optimization of Oral Health: No more cavities or bad teeth hampering child’s innocent smiles
  • Counselling about Dental health Maintenance: discussion, training and motivation about proper brushing technique, use of toothpastes, timing of brushing etc. is reinforced in kids
  • Safe & Pain-Free Treatment: Ample amount of time and attention to individual kids’ needs is given to make them comfortable and aware of every step is done to gain their confidence in treatment and doctor to facilitate best outcome possible in a fun way.
  • Assessment of Caries Risk and Preventive Treatment Options: Children with a history of frequent cavities or having dental crowns or undergoing orthodontic treatment are assessed for caries risk and adequate measures are described and fluoride varnish and sealant therapy is undertaken to nip the cavities before they disrupt any other teeth.
  • Calm and Friendly Atmosphere for Children: That’s the only way to do the job right.

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